It is often easy to recognize symptoms of Alzheimer’s in a loved one. It typically begins to show with difficulty forming sentences, losing items frequently and getting lost themself, and forgetfulness. Despite the terrible nature of the disease, Alzheimer’s being easily diagnosable gets seniors the care they need sooner than later, taking a large burden off of caregivers.

In order to gain a better understanding of what is happening inside the brains and bodies of people with Alzheimer’s disease, we will discuss what makes these behaviors and symptoms so intense and obvious.

The Brain of Someone with Alzheimer’s Disease

Although most people learn about the brain in elementary school, it is still interesting to stop and consider all that the brain is capable of. It is estimated that the human brain contains billions of neurons. To make sure that the body is functioning properly, these neurons transmit electrical and chemical messages to cells throughout the brain. Messages and commands are carried by the brain in the human body for every action. Our brains are constantly trying to keep us safe, move our limbs, digest our food, and repair our cells and regenerate them.

As our brains age, some neurons are lost and the brain shrinks. Alzheimer’s disease makes it more likely for neurons to die quickly in a brain than in a healthy brain. The neurons that survive will lose their connections with other cells. Plaque forms and clumps inside the brain, destroying communication. As a result, the brain is fatally destroyed in areas responsible for personality, reasoning, and language.

Find the Best Alzheimer’s Care for Your Loved One

At The Lodge at Natchez Trace in Nashville, Tennessee, we have a unique and secure neighborhood designed just for patients with memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias. Our small, tight-knit team of memory care staff and nurses ensure that residents receive high-quality memory care from familiar and friendly faces each day. Schedule a tour with us to learn more.

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