We know how difficult it can be to address the care needs of your loved ones. Fortunately, with the help of dedicated and passionate care professionals, we can help you navigate the many options available today.

Summary of Care: Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing

Nestled within the name, Assisted living is a living facility for seniors that offers “assistance” with daily activities such as cleaning, meal preparation, and bathing. Here at The Lodge at Natchez, we pride ourselves on creating a community where seniors can socialize, engage in activities, and relax. Additionally, skilled nursing aids with day-to-day necessities. At the same time, providing medical care is often the best choice for someone recovering from surgery or an illness.

Here are seven easy questions to consider about whether assisted living or skilled nursing is right for your loved one.

What level of care does your loved one need?

Addressing the care needs necessary for our residents to maintain total quality of life is the first step in the process. While both provide care and help with daily tasks, if their needs include care such as medication, IV treatment, or daily therapy, they would be better suited for skilled nursing.

What type of environment would your loved one prefer?

Seniors can expect assisted living to feel more like home, given its residential setting and approach. We do our best to ensure skilled nursing maintains the same compassionate and empathetic environment while meticulously following all medical and safety guidelines. While the settings differ according to medical needs, both are tailored to accommodate health and care concerns.

Is around-the-clock care needed for your loved one?

As we age, it’s normal for many seniors to require assistance of some level, no matter their previous abilities. Skilled nursing has trained and licensed staff on-site 24/7 for their residents. While physicians are not on the premises, they are available on-call as needed.

How important or realistic is protecting your loved one’s independence?

Most assisted living communities allow residents the freedom to participate in activities and gatherings as they please and enjoy outings and scenic drives outside the community. Skilled nursing facilities are usually chosen to provide more time-bound and supervised care after an injury or illness.

Does your loved one need rehabilitation to remain at home or a more longterm residential solution?

We provide a service that focuses on an empathetic, healing approach. The patient may return to assisted living or their home independently. Still, the core goal is to provide as much independence as possible while maintaining a nurturing environment that feels like home. Assisted living is a long-term home for seniors that offers guidance and support. Skilled nursing typically provides a short-term living solution when medical care is needed.

Does your loved one have insurance available to assist with the cost?

In most cases, skilled nursing participates in or is covered by Medicare or Medicaid. Medicare will cover stays in skilled nursing facilities (also referred to as SNFs, nursing homes, convalescence homes, or senior rehab facilities) for short-term rehabilitation following a qualifying hospital stay. Medicaid is a jointly funded federal and state medical assistance program that provides health coverage for low-income Americans with few assets. Unlike Medicare, Medicaid programs for the elderly and disabled cover various long-term care services. Assisted living, however, is typically self-pay and can be funded with long-term care insurance, the sale of real estate, life insurance, veterans aid, and attendance, or a bridge loan, but not Medicare or Medicaid.

At The Lodge at Natchez, we provide dedicated assisted living and care from a team that will feel like family. Our residents receive a standard of care focused on compassionate practices no matter the duration of their stay. If you are unsure what level of care your loved one needs, let us help! We are available to advise you through any questions you may have. Click here to contact us today.

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