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We provide an impressive variety of activities to do more than just keep seniors busy. Activities at Natchez Trace are exciting, engaging, skill-building, and widely enjoyed all across our diverse community members.

In addition to their selection of daily sensory-stimulation activities such as aromatherapy and pet therapy, residents can also enjoy gardening, playing board games and card games, working puzzles, engaging in assorted categories of trivia, and Bingo. The Lodge is also working on adding a new gym and restaurant to the facility.

For Country House residents, our Alzheimer’s, dementia, and memory care experts have developed an activities program exclusively for their needs. Some favorites include: paint-by-number, sorting, rolling yarn, sing-a-longs, reminiscing, making ice cream, name-that-tune, balloon toss, and soft musical chairs to get seniors moving.  Country House residents also receive weekly music therapy facilitated by a board certified music therapist, in which the residents engage in instrument play, drumming, therapeutic singing, improvised songwriting, dancing, and much more

By far everyone’s favorite, of course, are the outings. From chasing down Nashville food trucks for some of the tastiest food in the city to feeding ducks in the park over a picnic with friends, the best of Tennessee is right outside our community to explore with our seniors.

Additional Activities May Include

  • Off-Site Outings – First Center for the Visual Arts, museums, symphonies, Montgomery Bell State Park, Centennial Park, nature walks and wildlife tours, historical monuments, cookouts in Bowie Park, ball games, eating out on the town, and shopping sprees
  • Religious Studies – Church and Catholic Mass on Sundays, communion, women’s devotionals, and devotions with Wayne
  • Exercise, Fitness Classes & Sports – Physical activity such as playing sports, exercising, or monthly aerobic classes that are performed in a fun and safe environment
  • Movie Night & Popcorn – Theater-style popcorn served in our very own multi-media room. Enjoy a classic movie with your family or with Lodge friends
  • Ice Cream Social – Ice cream, made from scratch by our in-house team of culinary experts.
  • Fill-In-The-Blank – A fun game based on old-timey sayings that seniors love

Special Services

Wellness and Activity Cart

Our team created a “wellness” cart, which is a rolling cart filled with games, coloring books, painting supplies, and other activities. It’s moved from room to room, primarily to the residents who do not leave their rooms very often. It gives them the opportunity to engage in some kind of conversation so they do not feel alone.

Resident Spa Day

Residents also have the option of participating in a “spa day” which takes place every Monday and Thursday. They can make an appointment and are able to receive various kinds of services, such as a facial, pedicure or manicure, an arm and hand massage, and paraffin waxing. There has been a great response from the residents so far.

Business Hours:
9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Visiting Hours:
8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

RESOURCES: http://www.cms.gov/

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