Long Term Care

We like to ask those who say they’re just not quite ready for assisted living, what does ready look like? Actively participating in the newest chapters of one’s own life comes with a boost of confidence and invaluable peace. Whether it means selling your house or condo, coordinating arrangements with family, or decorating your new space, we’re here for you to simplify the process.

The Lodge community provides varying degrees of minimal assistance for seniors throughout their everyday activities. From standby to hands-on support for showers and dressing, nightly checks, and on-call transfer help, our Custom Resident Service Plans are designed to provide care according to each individual’s preferences and concerns. Other services may include support with eating, continence management, medication reminders and supervision, and encouraging socialization.

Each resident is given the privacy of their own space to call home with tons of extra space for them to relax and enjoy themselves in.

There are many types of agencies that offer long term care services, our long term care services here at (name of facility) provide skilled nursing services that cover a wide and comprehensive range of long-term care services, ranging from assistance with ADL and IADL as well as nursing care and 24-hour supervision.

Skilled Nursing Facilities, or assisted living communities, nursing homes, etc, are the safest choice for those who need assistance with ADL and IADL the most. We provide 24-hour care you can’t receive at home.

Our services are charged per month and are/are not covered by most insurance. To talk about the needs of your loved one and whether or not assisted living is the best option for you, call (615) 257-7750 to talk to a staff member and learn more about the services offered.

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RESOURCES: http://www.cms.gov/

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