The Affordability of Assisted Living: The Cost of Happiness

When deciding on the best option for the future of your elderly loved ones, making a long-term plan can be tough. You always want the best for your loved ones, but there are a lot of difficult factors that come into play. Whether it is expenses, location, willingness to go, or your acceptance, the decision process can be stressful.

One factor that always seems to play a big role is cost. Deciding if you can afford the proper care for your loved ones often appears to be the deal maker or deal breaker. What families don’t realize is that when breaking everything down into day to day cost, assisted living is worth the expense. Yes, it can seem expensive for a family in the present, but comparing the new lifestyle at an assistant living facility to the challenging one they are having at home has no comparison. Some issues the elderly may face while living at home are memory loss, eyesight impairment, physical ailments, and many more factors that don’t allow them to go about their daily routines.

There are a number of factors families should consider when evaluating the cost of assisted living. Most families will take a baby step and consider hiring around the clock home care. What they don’t realize is that this idea becomes much more costly and less efficient for everyone in the long run. They may think it’s a great idea because their loved one can stay in their home and not feel like they are being placed somewhere, but the cost of just four hours per day per week of nursing is equivalent to the entire cost of assisted living when adding in all the factors. What the families don’t realize is they are bringing someone in to help with everyday chores, but they must also keep up with the rest of the household expenses including taxes, utilities, food, maintenance, etc.

Now not all benefits of assistant living come in the form of a dollar amount. The fun, enjoyment, and fulfillment your loved one would be getting at our facility is not something you can put a number on. From around the clock activities including performances and bingo, to a community atmosphere where your loved one can feel young again and meet new friendly faces are just a few of the things offered. On top of that, there are on-hand certified nurses able twenty-four hours a day to handle anything your loved one may need. Furthermore, we offer a different prepared menu daily from start to finish.

These amenities are just a few of the many we offer. These benefits alone allow for your loved one to feel that they have been given a second chance to bring excitement back into their day that they may have lost throughout the years. Not only are the benefits alone worth the price, it actually costs less than it would for you to bring on an in-home nurse who cannot provide any of the same services when taking into account other expenses to keep a loved one in the home.

Taking the proper steps in understanding all we have to offer as a community, in the beginning, can result in big rewards for you and your loved one in the end!